Agua Azul Lower

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Section: Lower

Difficulty III - IV

Level400 - 1000

Length2 km


Time2 hours

Put in at the parking lot run a dozen small falls, a click or two of flat water and you will come to the 6 giants. To date simply referred to by their numerical order. one is usually run on the right. about 37 feet of ramp. Two is run off the nose about 32 feet. careful off target is shallow. Three is down the slot in the middle where most of the water is. About 30 feet. Four carefully down the right. Two steps of about 15 feet each. Five is portaged on the left. Id guess around 80 feet. Six has been run a couple times in the middle at about 44 feet. I've run it down the left. rattling down the steps for a mere 35 some feet of ricochet air time. Most opt for running down the bank and putting in the Shumulja. In years of guiding here, only a few people held tough for these falls. They are big. The jungle is thick. And everything seems so far away. Add another 10 km for the paddle out on the Shumulha.