Agua Azul Middle

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section upper



Level400 - 1000

Length2 km

Gradient steep

Time2 hours


coordinates=17.244125, -92.123519

This is the place! the best travertine in the world. But not the best travertine kayaking. There are two runs here. this the upper or Cully run and the lower or the big falls. You can just put in and explore. Start either below the postcard falls. The big ones right there by the parking lot or continue upstream and put in as high as you can go. There are dozens of routes. Be careful some of the falls have very strong hydraulics. others are very tall. Be alert for nude sunbathers on a hot day. This stretch is mostly small falls and ramps weaving in and out of the jungle. The run has at least 20 falls and 3 different routes. Giving you the option of 60 rapids. Most are on the smallish side. Other than the postcard falls which clocks in around 45 feet. When you hit a long stretch of flat water you can turn around and paddle back to your car. Otherwise continue downstream to the lower set of falls in the land of giants.